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6 trendy restaurants in Madrid starting 2023

Madrid is a city with a lot of action, which means that many people who visit or make life in this city, look for places to eat well and enjoy its gastronomy.

Of course, we mean the most delicious areas of the capital, where restaurants in Madrid, gastronomic clubs, taverns, bars, cafes and other delicious establishments keep opening and driving us crazy every time we go out.

There are so many new ones to choose from, apart from the traditional ones, that they are huge, which makes the choice difficult. If you spend a weekend in Madrid, we guarantee you won’t know where to start.

Many of the new “place to be” places are so glamorous and elaborate in their proposal that we fall in love at first sight. You can find restaurants in the districts of Salamanca, Retiro and Chamberí, as well as in all the trendy areas: Chueca, the cosmopolitan district of Malasaña and important bars on Calle Ponzano and Puerta de Arcas. The most notable and attractive areas of Puerta de Alcalá continue to expand, with more and more places worth choosing.

From Asian restaurants like Baan, it has captivated the appetite of the capital with its controversial textured food and delicious signature cocktails. Even the best Mexican restaurants such as Bacan, considered the best Aztec restaurant in Madrid, and other incredibly new and classy ones.

In Wonder Tour, we tell you in this article about 6 restaurants in Madrid, which are in vogue starting 2023. Let’s get to it!

The Lynx

As suggested by the arrival of Michelin-starred chef Javi Estévez, it is gaining attention in gastronomic terms. El Lince is a more relaxed and bistro offer. Logically, the casquería atmosphere is still strong, but regresses compared to family cuisine for the general public.

The relaxed atmosphere, the simple and fun wine list, the high tables and the uninterrupted food create a world of: croquettes, authentic Russian salads, excellent pastries and spoon dishes, always elegant and delicious. A stronger position among the new restaurants in Madrid.


In Baan, chef Víctor Camargo has created a menu mainly for sharing. With colorful recipes, many aromas, exotic flavors and traditional recipes with different textures. This is complemented by numerous fusions and the best products.


Inspired by the unforgettable movie Cinema Paradiso, he knocked on the door of the elegant restaurant and became one of the best Italian restaurants in Madrid. Located in the heart of Paseo de la Castellana, it is a simple and delicious Italian restaurant that spares no effort in its cuisine, dining room and decoration. Making it a very neat place to enjoy a lunch or dinner, with room for a first drink.

Led by Roman-born chef Emiliano Celli, Totó is dedicated to pure traditional Italian cuisine, part of which has never been done before in Madrid.

The homemade pastas and the variety of desserts offer so much pleasure that it is worth leaving the premises. Mezzemaniche alla carbonara and tortello di brazato are essential dishes.


A dialogue between Mexico and Spain, that’s what Enrique Olvera, Michelin star, understands in Jerónimo. Known worldwide for its acclaimed Mexican cuisine, thanks to its Puyol restaurant in Mexico City, this is one of the strongest openings of the year.

Jerónimo is one of the most spacious restaurants in Madrid and its space is divided into four rooms, with room to enjoy a generous cocktail bar (and a selection of pure and bottled Mexican mezcal).

On the plate, pure never fails. Enjoy dishes with a Mexican accent, such as guacamole, grilled prawns and the classic chorizo, as well as grilled fish, which is offered daily.


Terracotta is a restaurant in Madrid that raises the bar when it comes to craftsmanship. Located at 80 Velázquez Street, it is an exclusive restaurant, offering seasonal cuisine based on the best ingredients, with intense flavors and long cooking times.

Designed and decorated with naturalness down to the smallest detail (a 29-year-old entrepreneur from Leon, Ignacio Sánchez, spent three years creating it). It is configured to offer an excellent waiter service.

The menu changes according to the season, but always exquisite dishes are part of it. It also has an unparalleled selection of drinks, an active wine cellar and, most importantly, an artisan cocktail shop that will make the evening last from start to finish.

Wild at the Food Hall of Galeria Canalejas

They say it’s the craziest restaurant in the world and they are right. Because you will be surprised by the atmosphere, the parties and the good mood you will find there. Once you walk in, you never know what you’re going to eat or dinner. The only thing you can be sure of is that you will enjoy the best atmosphere, music, performances and very, very crazy surprises.

The Salón Salvaje of the Food Hall of Galería Canalejas is the noisiest and most innovative offer of this popular resort. In addition to what we have already told you, this place will fall in love with its interior design and, above all, with the delicious Japanese fusion cuisine created by Venezuelan chef Fermín Azkue.

This renowned chef has created an impressive menu of Mediterranean-Japanese fusion with a mix of sushi and Robata dishes, combining tradition and Japanese mysticism. This is complemented by cocktails designed by Borja Goikoetxea, offering premium drinks.

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After a tour of new and trendy places, head to the cradle of the cocktail shop in Madrid, such as the famous Chicote Museum. Once you have experienced this place, you can decide whether you want to move on to other places or stay here and enjoy its intimate atmosphere. We are proud to be masters of improvisation. This means that we can tailor our visits to your mood at any time.

We hope you take this opportunity to get to know the Madrid cocktail shop and enjoy the company of friends who want to share their passion for cocktails.

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