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The 6 best museums in Madrid

We at have an article today that we were looking forward to sharing with everyone. In this space, we talk about the 6 best museums in Madrid. We’ll also give you some last-minute tips on which museums are best for kids, and even which ones are free.

It is possible that some of the contemporary art museums in Madrid that are presented in this list are familiar to you, or that you have already visited some of them. But some of them you will surely want to visit on your next vacation to see new things.

A visit to a museum is a great way to enjoy Madrid’s passion for history, art and culture. Not only do they have extensive collections of works by famous painters such as Goya, El Greco and Velázquez, but you can also discover unique museums with activities for the whole family.

What you should know about the best museums in Madrid

The Art Triangle, made up of the Prado Museum, the Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum and the Reina Sofía Art Center, is one of the most emblematic landscapes of the capital, and the Paseo del Paseo del Arte Pass, which offers 20% off discount on tickets for the three museums, allows you to save time and money.

This list of Madrid museums highlights some of the most impressive galleries that you should not miss with us on your cultural excursion in Madrid.

1. Prado Museum

We start in style with what is considered a symbol of art. The Madrid Prado Museum opened its doors in 1819 and gradually established itself as one of the great museums in Europe.

It houses more than 150 works by some of the best painters in the museum, such as Las Meninas by Velázquez, The Garden of Earthly Delights by Bosco or La Maja Desnuda by Goya. The most surprising thing is that, although the Prado has some 1,000 works to see, its archive contains another 8,000 works that have not yet come to light.

Located halfway between the Retiro Park and the historic center, it is the ideal place to take advantage of the day and continue exploring all that Madrid has to offer.

8 Most important works Reina Sofía Museum in Madrid. 

2. Reina Sofía Art Center

Are you a fan of contemporary art or a lifelong lover of masterpieces? Whatever your preference, there is no doubt that the Reina Sofía Art Center is one of the best museums in Madrid. And with almost four million visitors a year, it is the most visited museum in Spain.

It is worth the price of admission just to see Picasso’s Guernica. But under the same roof there are also works by great artists such as Dalí, Miró, Magritte, Rothko and Warhol.

3. Museo Thyssen-Bornemisza

This museum closes the curtain on the three great museums in Madrid, but it is by no means inferior to the previous two. The Thyssen-Bornemisza family has been collecting works by classical and contemporary masters for decades, making it not only the best museum in Madrid, but also one of the most complete and diverse art galleries in the world.

Here are some of the works that you should not miss. The Annunciation by El Greco, The Christ and the Samaritan Woman by Duccio di Buoninsegna, Hopper’s Hotel Room, The Rocking Dancer (Green Dancer) by Degas. The dream is said to be caused by a bee flying around a pomegranate a second before Dalí woke up.

Works to see in the Prado Museum in Madrid

4. One of the history museums in Madrid: the National Archaeological Museum

At the MAN (National Archaeological Museum) you can see ancient treasures, from prehistoric works to archaeological finds from Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome, and of course, artifacts from the civilizations that lived in Spain.

The Lady of Baza, the Pozo Moro tomb, the Zamora ship, the Baku coffin and the Harsomtusehat statue are also great reasons to visit this museum.

5. The great Sorolla Museum

Among the six best museums in Madrid Spain is also the Sorolla Museum, where you can learn about the life and work of Joaquín Sorolla, one of the most prolific painters in Spain.

The museum is located in what was the artist’s last home (btw) and houses some 1000 works, including numerous paintings such as A Walk on the Seashore, Self-portrait and White slavery.

But there are also personal objects (ceramics, letters, brushes and a sculpture by Rodin himself). The building itself is also interesting, with beautiful gardens and an Andalusian patio.

The most curious museums in Madrid that you will not forget

6. Madrid Royal Palace 

You may not know it, but the Royal Palace of Madrid houses some of the highest artistic collections, including very important paintings and sculptures. It is also true that many of the works are stored because (apparently) there is no space to exhibit them all.

In any case, the Museum of Royal Collections is between the Plaza de Almería and the Almudena Cathedral. Maybe it will be included in this list in the future. One of the most impressive collections is that of the Stradivarius Palatino, a set of instruments made up of two violins, a viola and a cello, acquired by Carlos IV in the 18th century.

There are other beautiful and interesting art museums in Madrid that everyone should visit at least once when visiting the city, such as the Museo del Romanticismo, the Museo Nacional de la Ciencia, the Museo Cerralbo and the Museo Naval.

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These main museums in Madrid that we present to you are a good starting point for you to discover the cultural side of the city. If you want to take a tour of Madrid, do not hesitate to visit Wonder Tours. We offer the best private tours, personalized routes and excursions in Madrid, Toledo, Ávila and Segovia for your exclusive experience.

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