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Tapas tour Madrid: (Departure from Calle de Santiago 18, Cava San Miguel and La Latina)

Tapas tour Madrid: (Departure from Calle de Santiago 18, Cava San Miguel and La Latina)

Spanish gastronomy is very wide and varied. If you are going to be in the capital of Spain and want to enjoy it with a Madrid tapas tour, you can delight yourself with exquisite dishes and typical tapas, while you discover the charm and magic of the city.

Spanish gastronomy and typical Spanish products are very versatile. It takes root in the Mediterranean and Atlantic tradition that ranges from fish to meat and is influenced by non-indigenous products imported from America during the time of colonization (potato, tomato, corn, cocoa).

Spain, from north to south, offers many gastronomic and cultural contrasts, which you can find represented in Madrid, that’s why at wonder.tours, we recommend the Tapas Tour in Madrid, because you can enjoy these culinary delights in the places you Madrileños visit daily.

The tapas routes in Madrid allow you to live a unique experience by going to the most authentic bars in the Spanish capital and trying their most famous tapas and drinks just like the locals do.

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Our Food Tour or Tapas Tour of Madrid, as its name suggests, is a tour of the emblematic places of tapas in the center of Madrid. While you discover the city at the hands of our experienced native guides, you will enjoy the best dishes and tapas of Spanish gastronomy.

During the walk, which lasts approximately two and a half hours, you will go through the streets and the most important places in the historic center of Madrid, you will share time in the bars and restaurants, where the people of Madrid go daily, not only to taste their favorite tapas, but also also to talk and have a good time.

If you want to take this tour of Madrid, remember that it takes place from Monday to Friday from 1:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m., includes a bottle of water at the beginning of the tour, four to six stops, typical tapas of the local gastronomy and national, one drink per site. In addition, you have civil liability insurance.

Oh, and don’t worry about the language, we have bilingual guides in Spanish/English or any other language upon request. The departure is from Calle de Santiago 18 and the route includes Cava San Miguel and La Latina. You can take this tour alone or in a group of up to 40 people, so you can live a more personalized experience.

Calle de Santiago 18

Calle de Santiago 18 in Madrid is the concentration place for the departures of this tour and the variety of tours offered by Wonder Tours. It is a perfect street to start enjoying Madrid.

Calle de Santiago 18 is a pedestrian street where you can rest from the hustle and bustle of other areas of Madrid, you can also find restaurants, bars and the famous church of Santiago.

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 San Miguel Cave

It is a picturesque street in the center of Madrid, located between the Plaza Mayor and the Mercado de San Miguel. It is a well-known street, which does not exceed one hundred meters in length. It has a great tourist movement, it is lively, beautiful, and it maintains its historical attachment.

It receives its name due to the fact that the defensive moat that protected Madrid from possible enemy attacks passed through it in the 11th century, and that in 1567 it was filled in with stones and earth, thus becoming a street. On the other hand, it receives the name of San Miguel in honor of the church of San Miguel demolished by Bonaparte in 1819.

This colorful street is home to beautiful typical Madrid inns that permeate the atmosphere with pleasant smells. It has been the inspiration for literary works such as Fortunata and Jacinto, by Benito Pérez Galdós. It is worth walking slowly to enjoy the architectural majesty that it houses.

La Latina

Puerta de Moros, Calle de la Morería, Plaza de la Cebada are some of the names by which it is known, but for Madrid residents, that space between Calle Segovia, Las Vistillas, Puerta de Toledo, El Rastro and Plaza de la Cebada is not it is called something other than La Latina.

During the tour, the tour guide will tell you about its history, where its name comes from and all the anecdotes and curiosities that this beautiful place hides. In addition, you will find a variety of restaurants that offer the best of local and national Spanish gastronomy.

What else can I do in Madrid during my stay?

Wonder Tours offers you a wide range of tours and activities in Madrid, so that you can get the most out of your stay and discover the secrets that this wonderful city hides in each of its corners.

In addition to doing a Madrid tapas tour, if you like riding a bike you can take an Essential Madrid Tour on an Electric Bicycle, where you will get to know emblematic places of the city. You can also take the Segway Tour Madrid that takes you to places of tourist and cultural interest in Madrid.

But if you are a lover of cocktails and want to take a night tour of the city, then you cannot miss the Night Street Life Cocktail Experience. Ah, but what you want is to visit important museums known worldwide such as the Prado Museum, then we recommend you the Prado Museum Private Tour.

With us you will live a unique experience in Madrid. We are a team of professional tour guides. We carry out private and personalized tours. Contact us and start enjoying Madrid, Segovia, El Escorial, Ávila or Toledo.

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