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Souvenirs from Madrid: Top 9 Souvenirs

Tourism in Madrid offers many possibilities but we always keep in mind our friends and family, for whom we bring memories of Madrid.

Because you want them to come back with a message of “I remember you” in the form of memories and small details that suggest the identity of the city.

When you see or eat something you bought in another city or country, you remember it, feel it and miss it.

In Wonder Tour, we recommend some original souvenirs of Madrid, perfect souvenirs to give away or as ideas for yourself.

Treasures of Saffron

Saffron is one of the main spices that give paella flavor. If you want to recreate that flavor when you get home and evoke memories of Madrid from its sunny afternoons, buy a bottle of saffron. It is one of the most characteristic souvenirs of Spain and cheaper than in other countries, eh?

In La Melguisa (Calle Santiago, 12), they add it to chocolates, jams and cakes. It is also a great gift for friends who love to cook.

Typical espadrilles

Spanish shoes are a popular choice of summer footwear for both men and women. Don’t be surprised if you see queues in front of Casa Hernánz (Calle Toledo, 18), one of Madrid’s most popular tourist attractions.

Casa Hernánz is a traditional family shop that has been making slippers with natural materials since 1845 and offers more than 50 different colours. This original and comfortable souvenir “Made in Spain” is a great way to support local craftsmanship.

Fennel oil

Many people do not know, but Spain is the main producer of olive oil, ahead of Greece and Italy. Don’t give away a Madrid T-shirt, come out of the ordinary – bring a bottle of olive oil!”

La Chinata Sol (Calle Mayor, 44) specializes in olive oil products. Truffle oil, boletus oil, extra virgin oil… you’ll have plenty to choose from.

Make toast at home with oil, tomato and salt, with this food you will believe that you have returned to Spain. Other gourmet products and cosmetics that use oil are also amazing.

Candy of violet

These handmade sweets are shaped like violet and taste violet, violet, of course. If you see these sweets in transparent boxes in supermarkets, it is because they are typical memories of Madrid.

You can buy them in the Plaza de Canalejas, it is said that Alfonso XII bought these violets for his wife and lover.


In Spain, most tourist houses and shops have pottery, from fruit boxes, mugs, glasses and much more. If you want to take home a quality handmade souvenir, we recommend a nice shop called Arte Hoy (Calle Cabeza, 26).

If you stay a few days in the capital, you can also have fun painting your own ceramics. Just go to the ceramic cafe “Pinta en Copas” (Calle Velarde, 3) and choose a piece – there are over 100 different models! Follow your suggestions and techniques by drinking a cup of coffee, tea or soft drink. After a few days (from one to four, depending on demand), you will receive your piece once baked and the colours are fixed.

Traditional Spanish fans

Fans used to be associated with old ladies (or nobles), but now they’re pretty cool. In Spain, it is a basic element of flamenco dance, but here it is used more by young people as a fan.  If you come to Madrid on a hot summer day, you can’t wait.

There are different sizes, colors and shapes, they are really beautiful. Florals, lace, hand painted… in Madrid you will find them all! Depending on their quality, the price of these fans ranges between 2 and 20 euros, and they are certainly a souvenir for all budgets.

A Good Wine

The good thing about Spanish wine is that you can get a great wine without spending a fortune. In supermarkets you can find wine for 5 euros, surprisingly good! But it’s a better experience, go to the nearby market and buy it.

In the San Fernando Market (Calle de Embajadores, 41), there is the shop-bar Bendito, a small paradise with a great selection of wines. You can buy what you take or try them on site. If you’re nostalgic, you’ll also be glad to know that they put music on vinyl.

Books, prints and postcards.

Who doesn’t like to collect postcards for tourists? The postcards of Madrid al Cubo (Calle de la Cruz, 35) are very different from the usual ones that can be found at a kiosk on the Gran Vía, which seem to be copied en masse in China.

Their prints and designs in Madrid are also ideal for all those who, in general, do not like classic souvenirs. If you like books, you will find it hard to choose one: Picture books, watercolor books, books about squares, parks and history, children’s books…There is a book for every person.

Beautiful Flemish

Flamenco is an internationally recognized art, it is part of Spanish culture, as you probably already know. That’s why Flemish dolls are a hit.

However, who said that dolls are only for small children? Set up a Spanish “altar” in your home and place a doll in the center, better if your outfit is made of polka dots.

Memories of Madrid: Top 5 Souvenirs

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