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If you visit Madrid you should know two of the emblematic cities of Spain and declared World Heritage. Then, from we advise you to venture on a tour from Madrid to Toledo and Segovia, to enjoy history, magic and Spanish charm… Don’t wait and do a Madrid Toledo Tour!

Disfruta de Madrid Toledo Tour

Toledo, the capital of Castile-La Mancha, and you only have to travel about 70 kilometers from Madrid to Toledo. , is characterized by being a picturesque cosmopolitan city dotted with buildings and customs of different origins.  For example, you’ll find everything from synagogues to Christian churches, Muslim mosques and more.

On the other hand, Segovia is a city with a medieval flavor, associated with fascinating myths and legends, such as the creation of its most famous attraction, the Roman aqueduct. On the other hand, it is located just two hours by car or bus from Madrid, so you can skip a tour to Segovia from Madrid.

What to see in Toledo in a day?

Among the tours from Madrid you will find the possibility to make a tour to Toledo. Toledo is a city declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO and one of the most beautiful cities in Spain, which makes it an ideal destination.

It is also called the City of the 3 Cultures because it has been inhabited by Christians, Muslims and Jews for centuries. In fact, in its streets you can see the passage of all the cultures that have settled here.

On the other hand, although it is a small town, a day is not enough to know it in its entirety. But, a Private Tour Madrid: Toledo will allow you to know and enjoy symbolic places of this incredible city, among which must not be missed:

  • The Alcázar of Toledo
  • Cathedral of Toledo
  • Viewpoints of Toledo
  • Monastery of San Juan de los Reyes
  • Mosque of the Christ of Light
  • The Church of Santo Tomé and the burial of the Lord of Orgaz
  • The Jewish quarter
  • Synagogue Santa María la Blanca

What to see in Segovia in a day?

A visit to Segovia is easy, you just have to choose a Private Tour Madrid: Segovia and get to know the surroundings of Madrid. Thus, you will visit the most important Roman aqueduct in Spain and taste its gastronomy.

Segovia is just over an hour from Madrid, also accessible by train (2 hours) and has a lot to show its visitors. Therefore, if you plan to make a complete historical and cultural tour there, be sure to visit the following places:

  • The Roman Aqueduct of Segovia.
  • The House of Peaks.
  • Square of Medina del Campo and Church of San Martín.
  • Segovia Cathedral, the third largest in Spain.
  •  The Alcázar of Segovia: the Royal Palace.
  • The wall and the viewpoints.
  • The Jewish quarter of Segovia.
  • The Convent of Corpus Domini.

Tour from Madrid to Toledo and Segovia

Immerse yourself in the medieval splendor of Toledo and Segovia, two UNESCO World Heritage sites, on a full-day tour from Madrid. Guided by experts, you will be able to admire the impressive monuments of each city and discover fascinating historical events.

In Toledo, you will see the magnificent cathedral and the sacred Monastery of San Juan, while in Segovia you will admire the ancient aqueduct and the noble Alcázar and gain valuable knowledge about the history and culture of each city thanks to your expert guide.

This excursion is conveniently organized with round-trip transport. In Toledo, World Heritage Site, visit the Alcázar and the Gothic Cathedral.

On this approximately 9-hour tour from Madrid, discover the stunning architecture of two little-known Spanish jewels, Segovia and Ávila. Explore the treasures that lurk at the gates of the city, such as the fascinating bastions of Avila, Gothic palaces and Romanesque churches dating back to the 11th century.

Then, go back in time to Roman times in Segovia and enjoy one of Spain’s most impressive sights, such as the magnificent aqueducts and the fairy-tale Alcázar.

Segovia and Ávila Tour From Madrid, admire the Romanesque cathedrals, Gothic palaces and other architectural treasures of Ávila. Visit the impressive Roman aqueduct of Segovia and the picturesque Alcázar.

Private Tour Old Madrid

At Wonder Tours we invite you to spend a perfect day with us, away from the chaos of a big city and discover a different Spain. Well, the Old Madrid Private Tour is a guided walking tour through the heart of Old Madrid, where the squares, buildings and streets of the oldest Madrid are still preserved.

The Madrid 360° + Madrid Old Town Private Tour is a tour that combines the individual characteristics of the two tours: a private tour in a luxury private car + a walking tour in the heart of Madrid’s old town.

On this private tour, you will discover stories of bygone times, facades with centuries-old secrets, buildings where the most important debates about Spain took place and, of course, unique legends that tell the story of Madrid’s historical figures, the Spanish aristocracy and popular culture. They combine in two ways: two hours by car and an hour on foot.

Explore Madrid’s most iconic stories, legends and corners on foot in a luxury private car and with an experienced guide.

Includes this Private MaRecommendations for a Madrid Night Tourdrid Tour:

  • Luxury private car and personal driver
  • Dedicated official tourist guide
  • Pick up at your hotel at the time of your choice
  • Official dedicated tourism guide
  • Languages

You will also learn the stories, legends and curiosities of each element that helped create the history of the Spanish capital. You will also have a break at the Mercado de San Miguel, the culinary sanctuary par excellence of the city of Madrid. Then, if you want to know more about Spain, contact us.

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