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If you are looking for guided tours of Madrid in Wonder Tours we will tell you some aspects to consider to make your experience unique. Therefore, if you imagine walking through the streets of the historic centre of Madrid and meeting someone who will make you relive the exciting history of the Spanish capital, you are in the right place.

In fact, from our experience we can tell you that free guided tours in Madrid are usually not the best. In addition, you will find accessible guided tours at solidarity prices to know not only its history but much more about Madrid.

Therefore, do not hesitate to choose a Private Madrid Tour, because it will provide you with qualified guides who speak other languages besides Spanish. You will also get to know the traditions, gastronomy and local culture, making you feel like a real Madridian. And the most important thing is to know that your safety and that of your loved ones is not at risk.

What should you consider when choosing a Private Madrid Tour?

Si deseas visitar Madrid y  no sabes cómo elegir un tour privado que satisfaga tus necesidades. ¡No desesperes! Pues, a continuación te daremos unos tips para tener en cuenta y así puedas encontrar el tour que  te brinde la mejor visita guiada Madrid.

Touristic guide titled in Madrid

For your experience to be enriching as well as recreational the guides must be authentic local experts. In other words, they must have experience and professional training in various fields such as history, communication, tourism or art history.

Take into account the experience

It is important to hire a serious and responsible company with years of dedication and hard work. Well, in tourism the experience always counts because you are going to entrust them with the organization of your holiday, not to mention the investment you will have to make.

And, if it is a recognition company, you can approach other clients, consult references and other aspects of interest. In order to find the best option and the one that gives you the most feeling of confidence and tranquility.

Multilingual experience

This aspect is very important if you don’t speak Spanish, because you should find a tour that offers guides who are fluent in your language. And so, you can forget about misunderstandings related to communication thanks to guides who have extensive experience with the language.

Be clear about what you’re paying for

Before you cancel, you should ask all the necessary questions to be clear about the service you are hiring, and avoid misunderstandings or even misleading offers. Then, have them explain clearly what the service you hire covers (time, itinerary, transport, tickets, consumption, among others).

See the cancellation policy

You should check their payment methods, plans and rates beforehand. First, because this way you keep in mind the guidelines to follow and the predictions to take. And secondly, because you should avoid booking or prepayment scams without knowing the service provider’s career history.

Your safety comes first

Always avoid falling into deceptive offers that could put you at risk, remember that there are always scammers looking unwary. And, these professional scammers appear offering services for minuscule prices with the intention of scamming and stealing their victims.

It is a secret to no one that there are many forms of theft and traps that can set you up. Therefore, our advice is to always look for serious, responsible companies with a recognized track record.

Therefore, we invite you to check if it is a duly registered company, consult its website and social networks. Because, you will be able to read references from it and follow other verification methods needed to prevent scams.

What can’t you fail to see on your visits to Madrid?

Madrid is one of the most visited tourist cities in Europe and the world. In addition, the cosmopolitan and hospitable Spanish capital invites us to experience its festive atmosphere and, above all, to taste its rich gastronomy.

There is no doubt that Madrid is culturally rich, not only for its museums, but also for its monuments and places of interest. So don’t forget to visit these beautiful places:

  • The Temple of Debod
  • The Square of the Villa
  • The Gate of Alcalá
  • The Great Way
  • The Plaza Cibeles
  • The Plaza Mayor
  • The Gate of the Sun
  • The Royal Palace of Madrid
  • The Retiro Park
  • The Crystal Palace

Which Madrid Private Tour is the best option for you?

The right choice of a Madrid Spain tour depends on several factors. So, if you are coming for the first time, your best bet will be the Private Madrid 360o Tour and the Private Madrid Old Tour. Because, it is a guided tour that combines a tour by car and a walking tour through the center of Madrid.

A specialist guide will also give you an in-depth introduction to aspects such as the historic centre, its nobility and its pop culture. On the other hand, if you are an art lover, you can opt for the Private Tour Museo Reina Sofía or the Private Tour Museo del Prado and get to know these emblematic Museums of Spain.

Also, if you don’t have a lot of time, you can do a tour of Madrid by bus (bus), a Segway Tour Madrid, or even try a Private Madrid Tour on Tuk-Tuk. Well, in a short time, you’ll learn about most of Madrid and its history.

Finally, we suggest you try the excursions from Madrid by train, car or hot air balloon to discover other wonderful destinations. For example, the private excursion to Segovia by AVE, the private balloon excursion through Segovia or the private excursion to Toledo by car, among others.

Guided Tours of Madrid!

At Wonder Tours we are experts in Madrid tourism, so on our private tours we will make you feel at home. Well, our goal is to meet your needs and provide you with the amenities you deserve.

Apart from offering tours and excursions we also offer Team Building and Corporate Events. Which will give you the opportunity to project your business goals to another level by strengthening human talent.

Bet on the extraordinary experience that our experience and professionalism can guarantee and enjoy our tours in Madrid. And, come and enjoy this city and its charms.

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