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Different tour options from Madrid

Spain is a very interesting and dynamic country with a great regional uniqueness and variety. Madrid and Barcelona are modern and energetic cities, Granada has a Moorish touch, the Basque Country of the North contrasts with the life of the South. So if you want a private tour of Madrid it is best to choose the best tour agency in Madrid such as Wonder Tours.

Did you know, in fact, that Madrid is home to three of the most important museums in Europe? This particularity has been renamed the “Golden Triangle”. The Prado Museum, with its four thousand works, was originally conceived to house the royal collection (not with an encyclopedic intention, therefore, like the Louvre Museum in Paris!). Needless to say, this splendid museum reflects the taste of Spanish royalty, which is why we find inside it a rich collection of works of the Spanish school, among them El Greco, Velázquez and Goya.

Spaniards love visitors, welcome strangers, drink good wine, laugh at a good meal and enjoy life. People here are in no hurry and, as an added fact, Spain is super cheap. So a private Madrid tour can almost be said to be a free Madrid tour since the costs are quite economical.

Tour to Toledo from Madrid

Once in Madrid, few resist visiting this World Heritage City, belonging to the community of Castilla-La Mancha. It’s one of the must-see excursions. Its most famous monuments will surprise you: the Alcázar, the Monastery of San Juan de los Reyes, the Cathedral, the Mosque of the Christ of Light, the Porta de Bisagra and its bridges. Yes, in the “City of Three Cultures” you will find churches, mosques and synagogues.

As you stroll through its narrow streets, when you visit its traditional shops where you buy medieval swords or peek at viewpoints like the one in the Valley, you’ll think you’re traveling back in time. It is no coincidence that this city inspired a painter like El Greco: there is in fact a museum dedicated exclusively to his works.

Two tips: don’t miss the illuminated city at night, following guided itineraries to learn about its legends, and don’t leave without tasting its typical dishes.

Moving in Madrid

If we talk about fast travel or excursions from Madrid by train, we must say that Madrid and Barcelona have very extensive metro systems, while Valencia, Zaragoza, Bilbao and Seville have a more limited but practical one. The same goes for public buses where private tourism or individual trips per user usually cost between €1 and €2. You can buy combination passes that will save you money if you plan to use the metro enough. Tickets for ten trips cost around €13 in Madrid and €10 in Barcelona.

Taxis are available in major cities and will cost between €1 and €2 per kilometer. Prices may vary and even rise at night. However, RENFE is the national railway line in Spain and the country has both high-speed and regular trains. High-speed trains are more expensive, but you can travel between Madrid and Barcelona in just 2.5 hours, which may be worth it depending on how much time you have. Even on the high-speed train, however, you can find tickets from Madrid to Barcelona starting at 40 €.

Tourism from Madrid to Europe

The train system has the Eurail Pass, which allows travelers to explore Europe by providing a certain number of stops for a certain period of time, could also be a good choice. Nothing better for tours from Madrid to Italy, for example, without missing out on the most interesting stops.

If you prefer a tour from Madrid to France or tours from Madrid to Portugal, keep in mind that the leisure activities are different from each other and you can pay roughly the same amount of money in one place or another. For example, you can spend a reasonable amount on a visit to Camp Nou and the Sagrada Familia, Lisbon Aquarium and take the cable car to Porto. At the amazing Camp Nou stadium you can take advantage of a full tour admiring the memorable museums and statues, observing the different parts of the stadium, from the staircase to the grass and looking at the historical photos of the teams at the official museum of Barcelona, paying 30€.

The price is similar to the ticket to visit the famous stadium of FC Porto, the stadium of dragons located in Porto. The visit to the stadium and the official museum costs €35. The huge cathedral of the Sagrada Familia is very nice, but the entrance fee is a bit expensive because it costs €20 just to visit the interior of the church. In Paris, the entrance fee to visit the Eiffel Tower is €21. Access to the upper area allows you to admire the wonderful panorama.

Visit Madrid with the best

The capital of Spain, unlike other popular destinations, offers a range of possibilities that are definitely unique in the contemporary European panorama. With 3,174,000 inhabitants, Madrid is the most impressive and populous city in the entire state. The capital, besides being the political and financial center of Spain, is also rich in history and art.

Nothing better to enjoy a private Madrid tour than doing it in the hands of the experts and at Wonder Tours we take care of every detail of your holiday. You will always have constant communication with our agents and tour guides to help you solve any problem or request quickly and professionally. Thanks to us you will find expert guides who will take you by the hand and make your holiday memorable, exceeding all expectations.

When you decide to leave for a remote and uncrowded corner of the planet, the time to devote to finding useful information, the right places to stay and unmissable excursions is really a lot. So leave everything in our hands, and get ready to spend the vacation you dreamed of.

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